Friday, February 23, 2007

Inspired by Peter L

I've traded my india ink for housepaint over the last couple of weeks, but am happy to be back at the drawing board.

Here is a piece inspired by the music of Peter L. A hardworking artist, musician, videogame addict and former student of mine, Pete was kind enough to give me a CD of his new tunes at the Zombie opening a few weeks ago.

Buried within the background colour is a pattern of planets and stars from a drawing Pete gave me years and years ago.

Pete, if you see the drawing here first...a print of this will be in your hands soon!!

Here is a song by Peter L...Pete tells me some of these songs were created with a bit-rate that is NES compatible...and if you know what that means, you and Pete would get along pretty well...ha!

Thanks babe...

Sketches from the book Teri gave me a few months ago...I'd had my eye on it for years now.

"Daumier" by Roger Passeron

Sweet Zombie Love

My zombie valentine which was on display at the Carbon Media gallery is still for sale.
$20, 11X17 digital print, Paypal to or feel free to email me for more info.