Saturday, March 22, 2008

IF: Pet Peeves

We had a few days of spring (before winter returned with an icestorm and more snow last week) revealing multiple layers of garbage, broken glass and of poop.

Its the 21st century! Pick up yer poop!

Sunday, March 16, 2008

IF: Heavy

You know spring is ready to get sprung when you are walking the pup-dog along the shore of the lake and the huge, thick plates of ice begin shifting, overlapping and cracking in half. What a sound! Like a deep thunder with a bright sharp splitting sound...

My ke-rack is no Don Martin onomatopoeia, but does the trick...speaking of onomatopoeia, had visit to Ape-lad's latest project yet?

Friday, March 14, 2008

Spring Thaw

Hey everyone, Yes! I am still around...drawing and trying to stay warm! Why did I organize my studio space so far from the woodstove?

There are a few projects on the go right now, at various stages of development...a big project that is in its early sketch stages is an exciting research experience (thank goodness for google books) as well as an intruiging fusion of my education and cartooning backgrounds.

Here is a little peek at some of that project's upcoming imagery:

I am really enjoying getting to meet all of the cartooning and art stars in our new home city...and have been welcomed into the community enthusiastically.

A nearby rural school (home to Scott Tingley of Comics in the Classroom fame) has seemingly adopted me (!) as one of their own...and we had a wonderful time working together and I look forward to further workshops and opportunities to collaborate with all these great kids.

(photo from RCS)

One of the workshops involved working with the Grade 3s on their logo for a website full of their comics, writing and other literacy projects...eventually we all agreed on some ideas for the lettering and I produced a banner for the website based on all of the wonderfully quirky ideas: