Friday, August 15, 2008

Curse-d Cookies

Boy, and I thought the bakery in Sackville (mmm...ginger snaps) was all I had to worry about!
Thanks to Michele & Dan, I now have to worry about over-consumption of "Mrs. Dunster's Wholewheat Donut Holes" which are apparently exclusive to the maritimes as well.

Doesn't everything sound better with "wholewheat" in front of it?

"Why yes, I'd love another piece of that wholewheat chocoate cheesecake*!" See?

*--please note, there is no such thing as wholewheat chocolate cheesecake...

IF: Detach

A quick IF today, then off to walk the puppy...

This was actually drawn on a yellow notepad, but I faked it on the computer for a cleaner finished product...what can i say?